Welcome to my portfolio! 

I have a keen interest in innovative and future-oriented companies, people, and technologies and I strive for the development of intelligent and innovative products, especially in the social, cultural, and ecological environment.

My challenge is to improve experiences in this context and thus make people more aware of e.g. environmental issues. I draw on my many years of experience as an independent digital designer. Above all, however, I bring in the innovative spirit that I have retained from the DOTCOM era – as a pioneer, I was involved in the first attempts to make Internet television more accessible via a set-top box.

Values, attitudes, and passions cannot be invented - they are created in dialogue and reflect very individual promises and achievements. Involved in this extremely important process of communication, it is important for me to reach out and have initiators, storytellers, creators, and a critical corrective by my side to find the perfect goal for both sides.

Thank you!
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